2013 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Posted Nov 11, 2013

I ran my first 2013 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon this past weekend. I and 6 other friends participated.

We all met up the day before the race for the packet pickup at the runners expo at Disney Wide World of Sports. It is required that every running pickup their packet at the expo, which includes their bib number and shirt.

The expo had some of the usual vendors from past years. We notice Track Shack, who organizes the race, didn't have their store representing this year. Not sure why.

I purchased a new running pouch at the One More Mile vendor. I already have one from them that I purchased a couple years ago, and it has held up very week after 100's of miles use. It's also one of the cheapest priced pouches, at $10, compared to $20+ for others.

On race day, we were told to arrive at Epcot between 7pm and 8pm. The race starts at Wide World of Sports at 10pm, but they wanted us to park at Epcot and they bused all of us to the start line.

Although the line to the buses were very long, they went very quick, probably no more than 15 minutes waiting, and another 15 minutes arrival at the start.

At the start there is the waiting area for runners only, but friends also had an area to wait with you too. They had a food vendor, but I don't know what they were selling.

There were lots of port-a-potties at a couple sides of the runners area. When we first arrived around 8:20, the lines had about 10 people per group of port-a-potty. By about 9:30, it grew to about 40.

As a group, we sat around on the grass waiting for the race to start. It was funning talking and they had a DJ motivating us and trying to get us to dance. There were some pockets of people getting into the dancing in the sea of 1000's of runners there.

By 9:30, I made my last bathroom visit. Then I proceeded to my corral. If you have ever done a Disney Race, the start if similar to the others. There are about 10 Corrals, each from fastest to slowest pace. They start about 4 minutes apart and are proceeded by an array of fireworks going off at the start line.

Everything went smoothly, and each corral was packed nicely. I noticed the most of the runners were female, and at first I thought I was maybe in a Female only corral there were so many.

This is how Map My Run tracked my pacing:

Distance Pace Elapsed Time
1 mi 08:53 min/mi 8:53
2 mi 08:21 min/mi 8:20
3 mi 08:33 min/mi 8:30
4 mi 08:11 min/mi 8:10
5 mi 07:57 min/mi 7:56
6 mi 08:20 min/mi 8:18
7 mi 08:04 min/mi 8:03
8 mi 08:34 min/mi 8:34
9 mi 08:19 min/mi 8:17
10 mi 08:26 min/mi 8:25
11 mi 08:06 min/mi 8:05
12 mi 08:13 min/mi 8:13
13 mi 08:20 min/mi 8:19
13.4 mi 07:30 min/mi 3:01

This is a map of the course. I am ranked at 21 compared to other runners also using Map My Run. They have it labelled as 2012, but I assure you it's this years.

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