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How I Survived A Long Plane Flight

Posted Apr 11, 2014

Some tips on how I made a 14+ hour plane flight to India comfortable.

Boulder and Celestial Seasonings

Posted Feb 11, 2008

We woke up today to visit the tea house and celestial seasonings. This was our last morning in Boulder and we packed our stuff in the car. Jimbo had already left for work and Nikki had waited for us to wake up before leaving to work too.We made and ate breakfast and let the dog out a couple of times before leaving and made our way to Celestial Seasonings.The celestial seasonings building was one story located off a main road behind some town houses. We found signs for the tour that turned out was...

Boulder, Hiking and Alpaca Socks

Posted Feb 9, 2008

That morning Jimbo made us a delicious egg omelet. My nose had stopped running and I noticed it was starting to dry out. I used my xylitol saline nasal spray to keep it clear and moisturized just in case. Although along the trip I was mostly having a hard time keeping it moisturized, as it kept drying out and I would blow out blood in the early mornings. I also made and drank my Echinacea blend tea I packed from Orlando, to keep my immune system running well.After breakfast and showering, we headed...

Boulder, Bicyclers, Burgers and Beers

Posted Feb 9, 2008

The drive from Estes Park to boulder took about an hour. About 30 minutes from Boulder we started noticing bicycle riders along the highway, that along with the landscape reminded me of Tuscany.Jimbo and a Nikki lived in a cottage style house they rented from the owners who also lived on the same property. It was 2 bedrooms with a large kitchen and good sized living room. The bedrooms shared a shower and had their own sink and toilet. All the rooms, bedrooms, living room and kitchen exited out into...

Estes Park and Snow Shoes

Posted Feb 9, 2008

As the park ranger was showing us a map, she showed us a free snow shoe tour we could do. The ranger made a quick call and there were some spots that just opened up for us to take, with some more available. We needed to make it to the tour at 12:15 and it was getting close to 11.With only short time, we quickly decided to drive into town to rent snow shoes and pick up a quick bite to eat. The tour was for 2 hours and we would definitely need some food. The ranger pointed out a couple of rental stores...

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

Posted Feb 9, 2008

The drive to rocky mountain national park was only about 10 minutes. The entrance fee in was $20, which included a weeks worth of reentry's. If you lived there and planned to visit frequently, you could purchase an annual $35 pass. We ate the $20 fee and saw it as going to a good cause.The drive in took us through winding roads up and into the mountains. There were a few parking areas with picnic tables and bathrooms. The road we were taking took us into a dead end with one of these picnic areas....

Estes Park and Mountain Breakfast

Posted Feb 9, 2008

Since we got to bed very early the night before, we woke up at about 5am. We got ready and walked over to a shopping center about 5 minutes away for breakfast. The wind was still blowing hard and we were bundled up to handle the cold weather. We walked through an open snow filled field to the diner. The diner didn't open until 7 and we were about 15 minutes early, so just looked through some of the other shop windows until the diner opened and let us in.The owners were a friendly older couple, originally...

Denver to Estes Park

Posted Feb 8, 2008

We flew into Denver today and drove over to Estes Park to spend the night. We rented a v6 4 wheel drive Toyota Highlander to help us get around in the snow. I think they upgraded us, because I was supposed to get a compact SUV, like a rav4. Hopefully we don't get charged but I think the employee at Alamo would have told us.The drive to Estes Park took about an hour. The highway out of the airport had 2 tolls that cost us $2 each. When we got to Estes Park it was about 20 degrees, very windy and...

Amalfi Coast

Posted Sep 24, 2007

Train to Napoli, Stamping of the Ticket and Fiats

Posted Sep 16, 2007

At this point in my story I haven’t taken any pictures yet. You’ll have to go to the Capri part and stories afterward to see some.So the 3 hour trip to Napoli was somewhat uneventful. The car I was in was empty and there were no more than 3-4 passengers there at a time. It was a regional train, so stopped every 15-20 minutes at small towns and because of this my ticket only cost $10 Euro.About 30 minutes into the trip the train conductor came by to check tickets. He started asking me...

Italy Immigration, ATMs, Leonardo Express, Roma Termini and bathrooms

Posted Sep 16, 2007

The line through immigration looked crowded but only took about 15 minutes to get through. I then searched for an ATM, since I brought no euros with me. The line to the ATM wasn’t that long, but took longer than immigration because of some Americans who didn’t seem to know how to work an ATM.  Next I looked for the Leonardo Express train that takes you to the Roma Termini, where trains leave for all parts of Italy and even allow you to connect to parts of Europe and I’m guessing...

Flight to Italy

Posted Sep 15, 2007

I spent 3 weeks, from September 16th to October 5th 2007, in Italy. The plan was to spend 5 days along the Amalfi Coast, 3-4 days in Rome, about 3 days in a Villa in Cortona (a small town in Tuscany), 5 days in Florence and the last day in Orvieto. Everything went pretty much according to plan and even though it was non-stop sightseeing, Italy still has much more exploring to do, even in the towns and cities we did visit.I flew out of Orlando on September 15th, taking a connecting flight in Philadelphia...

San Fancisco, California

Posted Apr 22, 2007

I spent the past week in San Francisco. The first 4 days, Saturday through Wednesday, I was attending the Web 2.0 Expo with 3 other coworkers. Afterwards Leala flew in Thursday morning and we did some siteseeing until that Sunday.The trip started the morning of Saturday April 14th. Leala drove me to the airport at 6am. My Orbitz printout said I was flying on United Airlines. So I stood online to check in. As I was standing on the line, I heard another passenger behind me ask a United worker about...

New York: Grant's Apartment, Bachelorette party, Absinthe

Posted Sep 8, 2006

Today I ate the rest of the swiss fudge cookies. Leala had an egg and bacon bagel and I wasn't hungry because I had the cookies. We then did laundry, while Leala got her nails done and a massage to get ready for the bachelorette party later on. We took the bus and subway to Times Square, where Leala met her friends at the Crown Plaza. I left soon afterwards, went to the bank, Modells and back to Grants to shower and get ready for Lori's bday bash.Grant and I headed to the south street seaport, where...

New York: Panang, Elis Island, Pukk, Beauty Salon (bar), swiss fudge cookies

Posted Sep 7, 2006

Today we ate lunch at Panang, went to Elis Island, met Janet and Grant at Pukk, followed by drinks at a beauty salon and ate swiss fudge cookies.More detail to come later....

New York: Dim Sum, China Town, South Street Seaport, Tenement Museum, Avenue Q, Lori

Posted Sep 6, 2006

Today we ate Dim Sum in China town, walked to the South Street Seaport, walked back to visit the Tenement Museum, walked back to the South Street Seaport for dinner, saw Avenue Q and met Lori and Grant in the East Village.More detail to come later...

New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Korean Food and Alter Boys

Posted Sep 5, 2006

Today we had a quick breakfast at a bagel shop, toured the MET, had a Korean Dinner and saw the off broadway show Alter Boys, followed by a quick dessert.More to come later....

New York: Little Italy, Zappa Family Circus, Walking around Astoria, Labor Day BBQ and Gino the Dog

Posted Sep 4, 2006

Today we started out early and ate breakfast at a diner directly on the corner of 86th and 2nd. I ordered the french toast and scrambled eggs and Leala had eggs and bacon. They sat us in the corner where we could see everyone walking by.Our plans for the rest of the day was to see a family circus in Little Italy and then have a labor day bbq at Rita and Josh's apartment.After getting a little lost in China town, we found little Italy and the site where the Zappa Family circus was going to be held....

New York: Central Park, Ehtiopian Food

Posted Sep 3, 2006

Ernesto had finally passed over and the weather was starting to look good today. We spent most of the day walking around Central Park. Our main goal was to see a free Jazz band play at the northern part of the park. Before that, I took Leala to see where the MET was. We checked out some of the prices and hours and decided to visit it during the week. From here we started walking north toward the Jazz performance. On the way we encountered lots of bikers, runners and rollerbladers going around the...

New York: Newark Airport, Trains, Astoria, Pizza, Egyptian Food, Ernesto's Rain and Umbrellas in the WTC

Posted Sep 2, 2006

Leala and I have been spending the week in NY. This is the first time we have traveled down together. We were originally coming here to attend Leala's friends wedding in Barnegat, N.J., and decided to expand it to spend it in NYC.We arrived at Newark Airport at 10:30 AM, Saturday Sept 2. I have never entered through Newark Airport, so wasn't exactly sure how to get to the city. Grant mentioned a free shuttle to the PATH train that would take us into the city. Unfortunately we couldn't find the free...

Brasil: Foz De Iguassu

Posted Jul 7, 2006

Brasil: Salvador, Colonial Town

Posted Jul 6, 2006

Brasil: Rio De Janeiro, Copa Cabana Beaches, Rio Backpackers, World Cup against France and Coconuts

Posted Jul 1, 2006

After a couple hours of sleep, we headed to the local Sao Paulo airport and took our flight to Rio. We got a taxi through the airport and the drive spoke english and was telling us about some of the sites and how copacabana is a man made beach.The hostel we stayed at is called Rio Backpackers. It was at the top of a hill on a cobblestone street. When we got in a young man working there didn't seem to be expecting us. He didn't speak english, but was able to get us into our room anyway. Having only...

Brasil: Walking Tour of Sao Paulo, subways and wedding preperation

Posted Jun 30, 2006

Today is the main reason we came to Brasil...for Kevin and Fe's wedding!! We woke up at about 10:30am. I had a hangover from the night before(or this morning to be more accurate). We were supposed to meet up with Carol for a tour of the market, but didn't have her number. And we missed the breakfast buffet again in the hotel. We decided to do a tour that we found in the Lonely Planet book and was probably similar to the one we somewhat got yesterday. We agreed that we would try using public transportation,.

Brasil: Sao Paulo Bus Tour, Lingerie Party and Clubbing

Posted Jun 29, 2006

Leala was finally able to get a hold of Fe and Kevin in the morning. It turns out they were robbed in their car while waiting at a red light yesterday. Their cell phone, plus other belongings were stolen from them and is why we couldn't get through to them. Our plan was to meet them after lunch for the tour. So Leala and I walked a few blocks to a mall and had some lunch there. We ate in the food court at this place that sold steaks and chicken meals. It probably took us about 15 mins to order because...

Brasil: Sao Paulo, Sonesta Hotel, Portugese menu's

Posted Jun 28, 2006

We arrived in Sao Paulo at about 8pm. Their time is 1 hour ahead of Orlando, since they are furthur east than us. I didn't realize until this trip that even Panama is further east than I thought and is in the same time zone as Orlando too. I used to think they were more in line with California, but if you look at a map, central america goes farther east the more south you travel.I exchanged some money at the airport. I didn't realize until later that they changed me about R$ 10. I wish I knew that,...

Brasil: Miami air flight to Sao Paulo, Panama

Posted Jun 28, 2006

We woke up before the alarm went off at 4:30am. When we awoke my grandmother was taking a shower. That freaked out Leala and I since we were on a strict schedule and we would have like to shower before our 12+ hours worth of flights. Luckily she was done before 4:30 and we got ready and our cab was here early. Everything went smoothly at the airport. The only problem is they didn't sit us together. When we got on the plane I tried getting this young girl sitting next to me to switch with Leala,...

Brasil: Orlando, South Beach, Miami, Abuela's Condo

Posted Jun 27, 2006

We set off to Miami for our flight to Brazil at about 12pm. Leala and I tied up some loose ends in Orlando. We mowed the lawn, packed up some and dropped off Anastasia for Dana and Denise to watch.The ride to Miami went smoothly and we had time to shop, eat dinner and have a few drinks while there. We stayed at my Grandmothers condo and Leala got to meet her for the first time. Unfortunetly my Grandmother has been loosing her short term memory in her old age of I think 85 and she kept asking us...

Peru: The Sacred Valley - Chinchero, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Pisaq

Posted Aug 27, 2005

For my last full day in Cusco, I took a tour bus ride to the various sites in what is called the sacred valley. The sacred valley consists of the towns of Cusco, Chinchero, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Pisaq. Rita and Josh were supposed to join me today, but they were still feeling sick. So I went to Plaza de Armas by myself and met up with the tour bus at about 8:30 AM. It was a full size bus and probably about 3/4 full. The tour was a mixture of English and Spanish speaking tourists, and the tour...

Peru: Machu Picchu

Posted Aug 26, 2005

The highlight of our trip finally arrived.  Today we were to explore Machu Picchu. As I mentioned in my last entry, Josh and I were to meet Grant and some other people at the foot of the mountain that led up to Machu Picchu at 5am. I woke up at about 4:30 already ready to go. I waited for Josh for a few minutes and eventually went to their room. Unfortunately, the food poisoning had hit him and Rita really bad and he wasn't up to  walking up the mountain. They were going to catch one of...

Peru: Aguas Calientes and Putukusi

Posted Aug 25, 2005

Aguas Calientes is a small town. It seems mainly made up of tourists and any locals who run shops and restaurants to serve them. Machu Picchu is just on the other side of one of the neighboring mountains, but cannot be seen from the town. Upon arrival by train, we checked into our hostel, which was only down the street. I was staying in my own room that was big enough to hold at least 5 people comfortably. Josh and Rita were in there own. After dropping our day packs off, we went to a tourist center....

Peru: Train Ride to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu)

Posted Aug 25, 2005

This morning we took a train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu Village. The train ride was about 3 hours. I slept some of the ride and enjoyed the scenery along the way.  As we left the temperate forests of Cusco, we started into the more jungle like rain forest near Machu Picchu. Our train had to go through mountainous terrain and followed a river some of the route. It was impressive to see the mountains surrounded by clouds. Our train was like the ones you see in European...

Peru: Cusco Museums and Churches

Posted Aug 24, 2005

We visited a few museums and churches this day.These are the pictures I took:

Peru: Cusco Archeological sites - Tambomachay Water Fountain, Puca-Pucara, Q'enko, Sacsaywaman

Posted Aug 23, 2005

Today we visited many of the ancient sites surrounding Cusco. We started out by taking a ride to the country side, where we were going on horseback to some of the sites. We were dropped off at the bottom of a hill, where the horses were kept in a barn.  Then we took about a 15-20 minute walk with the horses up to the top of the hill. Then we each mounted one and followed our guide. The horses were very well trained and we didn't really have to know to ride a horse. I had taken horse back riding...

Peru: Cusco - Day 2

Posted Aug 22, 2005

When I woke up in the morning I still wasn't sure what I was going to do. But it  turned out Rita and Josh didn't go on the Trek either and we were able to decided the rest of the trip together. They had a Peru information book, I think Lonely Planet, and we were able to plan the rest of the trip. Our first task was to get a train ticket to Machu Pichu. We would go later that week and meet up with our friends who went on the Trek.These are some pictures of that day to get the tickets. We also...

Peru: Cusco - First Day

Posted Aug 21, 2005

That morning I was still feeling sick. I wasn't feeling as weak in the knees as I did in the middle of the night. We only had a couple of hours to catch our flight to Cusco, so I went to find a bottle of Gatorade and decided to drink only that and water the whole day.The flight to Cusco was ok and lasted only about an hour. When we flew into Cusco I was still feeling sick, but more to my stomach than anything else..At the airport we were picked up by an employee of the hotel we were staying at called...

Peru: Arequipa - Last day

Posted Aug 20, 2005

The last day and night we spent touring the local spots around our hostel. We visited a museum where they had a mummy found frozen in a mountain, that dated back about 5 hundred years ago. They named her Juanita.For dinner that night I had a mixed meat platter of Alpaca, beef and Ostrich. As I was eating my meal I started feeling sick, so went into the bathroom thinking I would throw up. Nothing happened, but I didn't feel any better later that night. I ended up waking in the middle of the night...

Peru: Colca Canyon and Condors

Posted Aug 19, 2005

We woke up at about 5am to watch the condors. We had to be out of the hotel and on the tour bus to catch them by 7am, when they wake up and feed every morning.

Peru: Arequipa to Colca Canyon Tour Bus Ride

Posted Aug 18, 2005

Here are some pictures taken during the 3 hours bus ride from Arequipa to Colca Canyon. I think we started late morning or early afternoon. Arequipa was at about an elevation of 2500m or 8200 ft and at our highest point on the way to Colca Canyon, we were at 15,000 feet and then went back to about 2500m. I can personally tell you that at 15,000 ft you can definitely tell there is a lack of oxygen. I had this fuzzy feeling in my brain as if I was dreaming the whole time. And every step felt...

Peru: Arequipa, La Casa De Mi Abuela and Altitude Sickness

Posted Aug 17, 2005

We spent the next few days in Arequipa, Peru, the next populated city in Peru after Lima, with about 2 million people. We were up about 2500 meters at this point. We flew over alot of mountanous terrain between here and Lima. I didn't see much vegetation while flying over head and the same was the same on land. But the view was still amazing, even though it was hundreds of miles of rocky and desolate terrain.It was still  morning when we landed. We were picked up by the hotel van. Our hotels...

Peru: Lima, Hotel Espana, Main Square, Presidential Palace

Posted Aug 15, 2005

Back in 2005 I went to Peru with a few friends from NY. We spent 2 weeks there and visited Lima, Arequipa and Cusco. We got to see condors, alpacas, some of the biggest canyons in the world and visit ancient ruins. We had friends from NY, California and Italy joining us on probably the most fun adventure I have ever been on.I took a flight from Orlando to Miami earlier in the day. I met up with Rita, her mother and Rita's boyfriend Josh, who were all flying in from NY. We all took the same flight...

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