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Space X Today and Beyond
May 27, 2020
Routine During COVID-19 Quarantine
May 7, 2020
Events Leading to COVID-19 Lockdown
May 6, 2020
Coffee And Me
Jun 16, 2013
A brief history of coffee and me, and my aversion to dark roast coffees.
My Drive to Work Sometimes Tests Me
May 6, 2008
So, I was in a left turn lane on the way to work this morning. More precisely, it was on Edgewater, turning left onto Princeton. I was at one of those green lights where you have to yield to on coming traffic. So I am waiting for either the green arrow to come on or for the oncoming traffic to clear. As I'm looking at the light, i notice that the lead car in the oncoming traffic stops and has is signal on as if he's about to turn, but he just sits there. The light still hasn't turned into an arrow,...
Jan 29, 2008
I caught the movie Idiocracy on HBO the other day. I never heard of it before and caught it about 20 minutes in.  My first impression was that it was pretty dumb. Then as the movie moved forward, I started liking it. By the end, I really thought it was a possible future for our planet. Since then I did see the entire movie. I enjoyed the whole electrolytes scene in the white house the best  and how water is only for the toilet.After seeing this movie, I've started to pick out places in...
Greening up NYC
Apr 29, 2007
I thought this was a great idea for NYC, to become a leader in this area for this country and hopefully for the rest of the world.http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/23/nyregion/23mayor.html?ex=1334980800&en=1fbbb54923b57e1e&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rssI haven't read the list yet in its entirety. Some ideas I've had over the years are to plant more trees along the sidewalks and to turn the tops of buildings into arboretums. If you have ever been to NYC or any of its five boroughs,...
Green Dimes and planting trees
Apr 29, 2007
I was sent this site from my friend Rita that helps control your spam and with the money you pay them, they plant a tree for you every month. If interested, you can check out their site:http://www.greendimes.com/
Resolve to make a difference
Jan 1, 2007
I found this list on the Orlando Sentinel website. It has a list of items to help increase conservation around the home. It was taken from this page http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/custom/growth/orl-locresolutions01x010107jan01,0,4618803.story?coll=orl-home-promoSave water- Use an automatic shut-off hose nozzle.- Use a commercial carwash that recycles, or wash the car over the grass, not the road.- Find leaks. Check your water meter when no water is being used; find toilet leaks by adding food...
Why does time seem to go by faster as you get older?
Oct 28, 2006
This has been a question I noticed many of my friends and others saying lately. I have also felt this way. I have heard people say that it is because we are so used to living certain areas of our live, that we end up being in the zone as we are doing them. I have found this especially happens to mean when I'm riding my car to a familiar site, such as to work. There are times along the route that I can't remember going down a whole series of streets. Or when I am  playing a familiar sport, that...
Angriest Cities
Aug 24, 2006
Steffan brought up this article about the angriest cities and it seems our city placed number one....http://health.msn.com/centers/highbloodpressure/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100142599>1=8404&wa=wsignin1.0I'll list some of the things that make me angry while living in Orlando: People who throw garbage our their car windows and basically anywhere on the street. What do you people think, the earth is your garbage dump? When I'm riding my bike or taking a run around the neighborhood,...
Old stuff
Jan 28, 2006
I've been going through all of my old belonging, dating back to when I was a kid. Most of the items I've just given away to thrift stores and such. Others I've sold on ebay, like my car stereo equipment I purchased 3 months before my car was totalled in 2004. In fact the car accident is really what got me thinking about the stuff I buy. Although I've gotten better over the years, I was like most people who needed to buy lots of stuff to keep me occupied and I guess what you could call happy. I can...