My Drive to Work Sometimes Tests Me

Posted May 06, 2008

So, I was in a left turn lane on the way to work this morning. More precisely, it was on Edgewater, turning left onto Princeton. I was at one of those green lights where you have to yield to on coming traffic. So I am waiting for either the green arrow to come on or for the oncoming traffic to clear. As I'm looking at the light, i notice that the lead car in the oncoming traffic stops and has is signal on as if he's about to turn, but he just sits there. The light still hasn't turned into an arrow, but the guy behind me then starts honking at me to go. He's in one of those old ford bronco looking trucks with big tires and is playing old country music really loud and his moter makes a noticeable rumbling noise.

Anyway a couple of seconds after this, the arrow does turn on and I go. I am turning into a 2 lane road that is about to go into a school zone, which I have gone through before and am familiar with, so I don't speed up, since I know I have to go 20 mph. Plus that guy who just honked at me ends up turning in behind me, when he has the left lane free to go into. I see him in my rear view mirror and he looks pissed that I'm not speeding up and makes one of those quick frustrating turns to get around me and pass me up. Even though this whole scenario lasts less than 20 seconds, I'm glad to know he won't be behind me

The rest of my drive takes me through a few lights and I seem to keep catching up to this guy, sometimes side by side. I would be lying if it didn't give me some satisfaction to see that all his impatience wasn't getting him any farther than I was. I continue to catch up to him at the next 4-5 lights, all the way to one of the last turns I have to make to work. He is still in front of me at this last turn I have to make, before we part ways. There is no light and there is oncoming traffic, so the cars in front of him have to wait for them to pass before they can make the right turn. As they are waiting, this same guy starts honking at them and in defense they honk back at him. I'm thinking, wtf!! Does he want these cars in front of him to turn into oncoming traffic. That just rattled me a bit and I had to honk at him for being a jerk. Then I realized as I was doing it, it might have looked like I was honking at the same people he was and was inadvertently giving him the satisfaction that he was right. Crap!!

We finally parted ways. As I made my last few turns into work, the car he honked at was still in front of me and I felt the need to tell him that the guy was being a jerk, but the opportunity didn't come up.


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