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For the past 17 years, I have developed Websites for MojoInteractive.com and its two main websites LocateADoc.com and PracticeDock.com. The main languages I code in are ColdFusion, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS. I have also coded in PHP, PERL and Python, and I am currently learning the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js).

I have a Computer Science degree from the Univerity of Central Florida (UCF). This degree taught me about coding data structures and algorithms, in languages such as C and Java.

In addition to the work I participated in on the above websites, I have the following code to showcase, including the code responsible for this blog and my extended Portfolios.



NodeJs, Express, Angular and MongoDB - MEAN stack

See my existing MEAN stack project and its corresponding code on my GitHub Mean branch. I also use BootStrap for this project.


I am currently rewriting this Blog using PHP and Laravel 5.1 as a framework. This work, in progress, is found at http://laravel.carlosvazquez.org and its GitHub branch.

I coded the Admin area for this blog in PHP, using CakePHP as a framework. I have some screen shots, of the admin, in blog posts below. See its GitHub branch.


I coded this blog in ColdFusion, using CFWheels as a framework. I also incorporated JavaScript, JQuery and CSS into this project. See GitHub branch. See LocateADoc and PracticeDock work below.

LocateADoc and PracticeDock

As the Lead Developer for Mojo Interactive and its family of websites, I not only helped code most of the websites, I also designed and implemented, nearly all of their database tables, stored procedures and triggers, I hope to showcase screen shots of the work I have done on these websites. Here are some links to applications I have created over the years:

Content Management

Developed a custom CMS to edit content/copy on most pages of the website http://www.locateadoc.com/

Site Search

Developed a custom search of all relevant content of LocateADoc.com http://www.locateadoc.com/search/results?key=+Laser+Vision+Correction

Ask A Doctor

Developed the entire Ask A Doctor System, including the admin located on PracticeDock.com. http://www.locateadoc.com/ask-a-doctor

Before and After Gallery

Developed an image and content uploader on PracticeDock.com, to showcase the pictures and cases on the LocateADoc Before and After Gallery. This uploader is coded heavily in JavaScript/JQUERY.

Mobile Website

Created a Mobile Friendly version of all of LocateADoc.com's pages.

Account Setup Wizard

When you search for a doctor on LocateADoc.com, that information is managed on PracticeDock.com. I am solely responsible for the coding that manages the doctor's listings and profiles.


I setup a Wordpress site for the volunteer organization eco-action.net. I did some minimal editing to the theme selected, including adding/overriding some custom CSS styles, and inserting some static content in.

The blog section of LocateADoc.com uses Wordpress as an admin. Although it doesn't look like Wordpress, we edit the content in Wordpress, then query the Blog content from the Wordpress tables to display on the website.

The non-admin pages of PracticeDock.com also use Wordpress as an admin. This works similar to LocateADoc.com's Blog, as we edit the content in Wordpress and the PracticeDock.com code queries the Wordpress tables to display the content.


Posted Jul 29, 2015

Blog Post Editor: Features

Posted Oct 17, 2014

Code and Screenshots of the Blog Post Editor I coded to post these blog posts.

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