Greening up NYC

Posted Apr 29, 2007

I thought this was a great idea for NYC, to become a leader in this area for this country and hopefully for the rest of the world.

I haven't read the list yet in its entirety. Some ideas I've had over the years are to plant more trees along the sidewalks and to turn the tops of buildings into arboretums.

If you have ever been to NYC or any of its five boroughs, you might have noticed there are probably a couple to a handful of trees planted on every street. What I'd like to see is the entire part of the sidewalk along the curb to have trees or other types of vegetation planted along it. The one problem I see is cars parked along the sidewalks and some difficulty getting out of the car with a tree along the way. I guess if the trees were evenly spaced, it would make it easier to get out.

For the arboretums, people can grow anything from simple grass and landscape plants to fruit trees and vegetables. I could see this spurring new grows in the agriculture industry, as people are spending more money on plants, fertilizers and tools needs to keep their gardens growing. Landscape artists will also become a growing business, for people who do not have time can hire them to design and create their new gardens.

Who says caring for the environment isn't good for the economy?


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