Why does time seem to go by faster as you get older?

Posted Oct 28, 2006

This has been a question I noticed many of my friends and others saying lately. I have also felt this way. I have heard people say that it is because we are so used to living certain areas of our live, that we end up being in the zone as we are doing them.

I have found this especially happens to mean when I'm riding my car to a familiar site, such as to work. There are times along the route that I can't remember going down a whole series of streets. Or when I am  playing a familiar sport, that I find very fun, the time just seems to go by very fast.

I once heard a scientific explanation for this, that it something to do with our bodies when we get older, but I can't seem to find that resource again. If I ever do, I will update this entry with it. The closest explanation I can find is this, which mostly explains it as, that as kids we are living more in the now and trying to experience as much as we can in a shorter period of time. When we get older, we know more and don't have to pay attention to as much detail.

Anyway here is the article:

Subjective time, or the tourist illusion


Oct 28, 2006 7:07 PM - 8 Comments
Hey, look at that! I would have never stopped to think of why time seems like that...very good pondering.
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