Coffee And Me

Posted Jun 16, 2013

Before 2-3 years ago I didn't drink coffee much. I could probably count the number of times of year on my hand, maybe even less. We had some priority projects at work and I decided to drink coffee to be more alert. Also at the same time my grandmother had past away and I had taken a Bialetti Moka Espresso pot from her condo and was learning how to use it.

My family didn't drink coffee much and my Mom would alway say how it would make her feel moody. At a younger age, I would occasionally see my dad drink it when we were at my grandparents, in the form of the Cuban drink cafe con leche. Although now when I visit, he always drinks an instant coffee, with milk and sugar, each morning with his breakfast. Maybe he was doing it all along and I didn't notice, or he picked it up on the way to work.

In the beginning I mostly bought the Allegro organic line of coffees. I also had some work coffee which was Folgers. I really disliked drinking the Folgers and opted to bring coffee from home. Although Folgers kept me alert, I felt this salty taste in my mouth and I don't trust the water and coffee percolating through a plastic coffee pot. I swear I could taste the plastic leaching out. That's why I like the Bialetti, because it's made mostly of aluminum, and it's just cool to use.

I can usually drink my coffee black, but I also add soy or almond milk, to help with the acidity. The soy also makes it creamier.

Something that I noticed was that the darker roasts made me feel nauseous and moody. I first noticed this on a trip to France, where i was mostly drinking espresso and probably darker French roasts.

After this discovery, I changed to the light and medium roasts that had no adverse effects. Except I try not to drink any after 3 PM on a work night, otherwise I have trouble getting to sleep on time. I really like the Publix Greenwise Organic breakfast blend because of the low price, but any similar roast type is good.

Today I was at Panera with a running group. I was feeling very good after the run, talking and such with the group over breakfast. I had a lighter roast hazelnut coffee. On the way out, I decided to mix it with their dark roast and took it to go, drinking it on the car ride home. That was a mistake. Even mixing it with a lighter roast messed with my stomach and made me feel moody. I guess I thought I could handle it. I have to remember not to do that again.


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