Patagonia: Trek to Los Perros - Day 3

Jan 27, 2019

Wake Up At Camp Dickson

The morning wake up went well. My clothes from the rain the night before were still damp and I hung them outside the tent on some wooden beams nearbye in the sun.
Breakfast was eggs and oatmeal.
We had time to kill and the group made there way to Lake Dickson, a short walk from the campsite.
I was taking my time, hanging my stuff and packing, and met up with them late.
Turned out the campsite was about 50 feet above the lake and it took a steep incline to get to the shore. We hung casually around the shore for about 30 minutes and headed back to the campsite.

Another Orientation

All packed up, and my clothes I had hung mostly dry, we all met for the beginning of the hike. But not before a brief orientation of the trek for the day.
You can see in pics below, Yvonne showing us a map of the trail and our destination of Camp Los Perros.

Hike to Los Perros

Today's hike took us about 5 hours to travel 5 miles, but it seemed longer. I was starting to feel sick and my throat sore, so it didn't help with the time. A couple of ibuprophen made me feel better, but also messed with my body temperature, making me sweat at times.
Elevation wasn't too bad. In my pics there is a map showing an elevation gain of about 200 ft.
About an hour before Los Perros, we encountered our first glacier also called Los Perros, emptying out into a lake.
Just as we encountered the glacier, in the last hour before the campsite, it started to rain...3rd evening in a row. A this point, I really wish I brought my rain pants! At least what I was wearing was quick drying.

Los Perros Campsite

The campsite had a lot of standing water and it was hard to stay dry. There were no edificios at this one, so we all stayed in tents.
There seemed a lot more campers at this site. Most of us were hanging outside and under a main cabin awning, trying to stay dry. To get to the tents, bathrooms and dining room, was a chore, dodging muddy puddles!


SInce we were so far away from civilization, at this point, there weren't many amenities, including no dining room to server us food. Instead, the porters were cooking for us, with food they brought from the EcoCamp base.
Inside the informal dining area, we all huddled around trying to stay warm from the cold rain.
The porters made a delicious lentil soup, both a vegetarian and carnivore version. This was probably the best meal of the trip. There was also wine, but since I wasn't feeling well, I skipped it.
With everyone's belongs wet, we hung our clothes in the dining area to dry.


For this night, Emilio said I was sharing a tent with one of the sons of the Connecticut family. I warned him that I snored loud and he said unfortunately, there were no other tents available. Thinking about it later, I was probably lucky I didn't have to share a tent more often.
On the way to the tent, I got a little lost, because they all looked alike.
Inside, I fell asleep quickly, even though the son had a light on to read. Shortly after I fell asleep, he sure enough woke me up to ask if I could sleep looking the other way. I asked if he had ear plugs and he didn't. I guess sleeping the other way worked, because I didn't wake until morning.
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