Blog Post Editor: Categories Selection

Oct 26, 2014

Categories Selection

The user can select a category in 2 ways:

  1. Start typing the category, or
  2. Press the down arrow, which will provide a list of categories

Either way will produce the drop-down of categories as shown below:



There is code for the categories selection in:

The PHP Edit View:

<div class="input select" id="select_categories">
<ul class="item-list categories">
	// Loop through each category
	foreach ($categories AS $categoryId=>$categoryName)
  			// If this category is in the array of categories already associated with this post (in the categories_posts table), then set class=active to show the category. Otherwise the category stays hidden and isn't selected
  			if (in_array($categoryId,$categoriesSelected))
          				$selected = "class='active'";
          				$selected = "";
  			// Create each category in a list, but only display if class=active is set
  			echo '<li item="' . $categoryId. '" title="' . $categoryName . '"' . $selected . '>' . $categoryName;;
  			// Allow removal of an active category
  			echo '<a class="close" title="Remove ' .  $categoryName . '">x</a>';
  			echo '</li>';
 		// This is an autocomplete input form, that displays available categories. You can also cursor down to display a list
<li class="input"><input class="item-input" value="" tabindex="2" placeholder="Start typing or press down"></li>


The Javascript for the Edit View:

 	// Enable a multi auto complete drop down box when selecting categories to apply blog post to
 	$(".categories").multiautocomplete({formField: "#categories"});


And the Multi Auto Complete Javascript code:

$.widget("ui.verboseautocomplete", $.extend({}, $.ui.autocomplete.prototype, {
   _response: function(contents)
           $.ui.autocomplete.prototype._response.apply(this, arguments);
           $(this.element).trigger("autocompletesearchcomplete", [contents]);
(function($) {
 	//multiautocomplete is called upon loading the page from \admin\app\webroot\js\posts\edit.js
 	$.fn.multiautocomplete = function(options) {
 		var options			= options || {};
 		options.formField	= options.formField || "";
 		// itemList is binded to <ul class="item-list categories"> and we'll loop through each <li>
 		var itemList = this;
 		// Will hold all the categories
 		var names = [];
 		// Used to create the indexed array for the HABTM relation between a Post and its Categories
 		var postCategoryCounter = 0;
 		// This will hold all the selected categories to pass through the form
 		var outArray = [];
 		function setOutput(){
 			var categoryIdField;
 			var postIdField;
 			var postIdValue = document.getElementById("PostId").value;
 			var x;
 			// Find already selected (active) categories, and add to the outArray
 				// Check if it already exists
 				if(outArray.indexOf($(this).attr("item")) == -1) 	
 					categoryIdField = '<input type="hidden" class="categories" name="data[Category][' + postCategoryCounter + '][id]" value="' + $(this).attr("item") + '">';
 		// Add all the categories to the names array
 			names.push({label:$(this).attr("title"), value:$(this).attr("item")});
 			var parentItem = $(this).parent();
 			var parentItemValue = parentItem.attr("item");
 			var v;
 			var categoryValue;
 			var index = outArray.indexOf(parentItemValue);
 			// Remove the selected category from the active list displayed
 			// Remove category from the hidden categories class fields
 			$.each($(".categories"), function(key, value)
 					// If the category looped over equals the category removed, then remove this categories hidden field
 					categoryValue = $(".categories")[key].value;
 					if (parentItemValue == categoryValue)
 							// Found hidden field with this categories value and remove
 							// Also remove from the outArray, which allows us to add it back again.
 							if (index > -1) {
 								outArray.splice(index, 1);
 			return false;
 		// Just finding the input field within the item list 
 		var _InputField = itemList.find("input");		
 		// Listen to any events on the input field
 			minLength: 0,
 	    	source: names,
 	    	select: function(event, ui){
 	    		var selectedItem = itemList.find("li[item="+ui.item.value+"]");
 				return false;
 			focus: function( event, ui ) {
 				// Only works if the mouse is focusing on it, not the arrow keys
 		}).bind("autocompletesearchcomplete", function(event, contents) {
 		    if(contents.length == 0){
 		    	$(this).autocomplete("widget").html('<li><p class="ui-corner-all">No results found.</p></li>');

Where it is all saved in the Posts Controller Code

/* Form is being submitted. Save data */
if ($this->request->is(array('post', 'put'))) 
 $this->Post->id = $id;
 $saveStatus = $this->Post->save($this->request->data);
 if ($saveStatus ) 
      // Saving (associating) the categories selected for this post
      $this->CategoriesPosts->saveCategories($this->request->data["Category"], $this->Post->id);
      $this->Session->setFlash(__('Your post has been updated.'));
      return $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));
 $this->Session->setFlash(__('Unable to update your post.'));


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