OUC Half Marathon Pre-training

Posted Dec 16, 2010

My pre-training for this race wasn't what I planned. After the Miracle Miles 15k I was sick for about a week (I blame it on lack of proper rest and some unhealthy food I ate post-race). It took me about 10 days to get back to a schedule. I started out ok with a couple of 6 miles runs. My next long run I planned at about 11 miles, but I ended up probably pushing myself too much into a 13 miler in the heat, which made my legs feel like they were going to drop off. On top of that I felt a twist in my right knee around the 12th mile.

Over the next few days I felt inflammation right below my knee at the top of my tibia that wouldn't go away. I did a couple of 4 miles runs and then an interval around a track. The inflammation was gettng worse, but not painfull enough to stop me. But at the same time I didn't want to make it worse, so I backed off running for about a week and iced it. After a week I still felt inflammation so decided to get x-rays at my orthopedic surgeon.

I did some self diagnostic research and what I felt seemed to match iliotibial band syndrome or ITBS. It's a thick band of tissue that connects to the top of the tibia at the knobby part of the bone and goes up the side of the leg to the hip. What I think caused it for me might have been overuse or possibly jumping from 10 to 13 miles too soon. This wasn't the first time I attempted 13 miles and had done it at least a couple of times earlier in the year, but it was a few months since the last time.

The twist also may have caused immflamation in my meniscus, which might have brought back an old sand volleyball injury from about 3 years ago. So the twist brought back the meniscus pain and aggravated my IT Band.

The x-rays ended up comming up negative and the doctor told me I could continue running but to cut back about 10% and ice often. I was relieved it wasn't a fracture. I did some additional research on ITBS and read about a technique called Active Release Tecnique or ART. I found a local chiropracter, John Maher, who works out of Sajune Medical Clinic, who performed it and I made an appointment. The chiropractor is a runner himself, who has done a few Ironman competitions, so I felt especially comfortable seeing him. After 2 treatments, 1 week apart, I felt a great improvement and continued on my training schedule. I still received ART treatments 2 more times.

My longest run after the treatment was only 12.6 miles with a couple of walking breaks that took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I ran it in about 50 degree weather and felt really good during and after it. I tried to do a 13+ mile run on Thanksgiving while visiting my parents, but I started out too late in the morning and it was already 80 degrees, so only got about 6.5 miles in.

About 3 to 4 days before the race, I starved myself of carbs and did some light core excercises. On Thursday morning, 2 days before, I ran/walked 2.6 miles, with an all out run the last 1/4 mile.This was supposed to deplete my body of any glycogen reserves left. Then 1-2 days before I carb loaded. I read the body really absorbs glycogen more by doing this. After some advice, I ate a heavy whole wheat pasta dinner Thursday night and a lighter brown rice dinner Friday night. I also mixed in as many different complex carbs as I could, like oatmeal, fruits and sweet potatos.

I pretty much did nothing physically the last 2 days, except walk the dog and pick up my race packet. Overall I was feeling good!

My crazy training schedule looked like this:

Date Mileage
12/2/2010 2.6
11/30/2010 3.5
11/28/2010 4.75
11/25/2010 6.5
11/22/2010 3.5
11/19/2010 5
11/16/2010 3
11/14/2010 12.6
11/11/2010 3.5
11/8/2010 8.4
11/5/2010 2
11/3/2010 2.6
11/1/2010 1
10/28/2010 ART
10/25/2010 x-rays
10/17/2010 4
10/14/2010 4
10/12/2010 4
10/10/2010 13.1
10/7/2010 6
10/5/2010 4.11
9/25/2010 9.3 - Miracle Miles


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