Landscaping And Gardening Posts

Dog and Cat Poop Composting
Mar 8, 2008
I've been trying to figure out what to do with the dog waste that Anastasia leaves in the backyard. She's really good at always pooping in the same area, so I never have trouble finding where she went. But as to where to put it after she poops, that's another question. When I used to live at my house, there is a conservation area in my backyard that goes a few miles back. So I would just throw her poop as far back as I could into it.
Purple Azaleas, Indian Hawthorne, Holly and wasps
Oct 22, 2006
I got back to planting some more bushes in my yard this weekend. I added 2 more Purple Azaleas to the left back side of my house against the wall, which now makes 3 of them there. Then I put 3 indian hawthorne in front of the Azaleas. For the hollies, I already had 2 holly bushes on the right side of my house against the wall and added a couple of more to fill in the area. I didn't have any mulch, so couldn't fill in around the new Azaleas and Hawthorne and I will have to do that next week. I might...
Wind and hurricane resistant trees
Oct 22, 2006
I got this list of trees that are and aren't good for high winds in florida, especially during hurricane season. The list is from this site: is a posting of the site: Hurricane Resistant Trees for Your Landscape Slow Growing Trees Stand a Better Chance Against Hurricanes...