Volunteer Work Posts

Green Earth Expo and Eco-Action
May 17, 2008
Today, I was invited to volunteer and be a representative for Eco-Action at the Green Earth Expo in the Orlando Convention Center. I was excited to do it and help recruit other volunteers to help us clean lakes around Central Florida and just to meet other like minded people.Beth setup a stand with pictures of animals tangled up in garbage, the canoes used and even examples of the type of trash we've collected. And there was an assortment of fliers to hand out. The setup was very helpful to illustrate...
Lake Lawne and Eco-Action
May 4, 2008
For this volunteer trip with Eco-Action, we ventured out on Lake Lawne. Lake Lawne is located near the corner of Pine Hills and highway 50, in Orlando. Lake Lawne is part of Gordon Barnett Park and is also located directly behind the Central Florida Fairgrounds.This was my first time to the lake and I didn't even know that the Gordon Barnett Park existed. There is also a BMX trail when you enter the entrance, to the left of the fairgrounds, that I have noticed signs for before.Gordon Barnett Park...
Eco-Action Lake Sybelia and Siam Garden
Dec 17, 2006
This past sunday I helped clean up Lake Sybelia. It is located between Eatonville and Maitland. The Audobon Center for Birds of Prey is right on it.We were a small group of 5 volunteers. Being close to the holidays we guessed most people were busy with other things. The cleanup lasted between 3pm and 5:30pm. Afterwards we went to Siam Garden for dinner. Here are a couple of pictures:
Eco-Action and canoe cleanups
Dec 13, 2006
I regularly volunteer to help clean up local lakes in the central Florida area. I try to go at least twice a month. The cleanups are usually held every Sunday afternoon and once a month there is a beach cleanup at Coco Beach. I've been doing these cleanups since 2004, after graduating from college. It was a way to help in the community and fill in some free time I acquired since I didn't have to study anymore.The organization I do it with is Eco Action. There website and the lakes we cleanup are...
Eco-Action Lake Winyah
Dec 10, 2006
We all met up at about 2:30pm. The Lake is behind Florida Hospital on Princeton. I have been to this lake a few times, but there was a lot of construction and roads were closed, so I got a little lost trying to get to the lake. Beth did email us how to get around the construction, but I forgot them in my email.There were 8 of us there in all. I saw about 4 new faces and one, Carl, who said he remembered me from a past cleanup, but I couldn't remember him. Beth went with the new people, who I think...