Brazil 2007 Posts

Brasil: Miami air flight to Sao Paulo, Panama
Jun 28, 2006
We woke up before the alarm went off at 4:30am.
Brasil: Orlando, South Beach, Miami, Abuela's Condo
Jun 27, 2006
We set off to Miami for our flight to Brazil at about 12pm.
Brasil: Sao Paulo, Sonesta Hotel, Portugese menu's
Jun 28, 2006
We arrived in Sao Paulo at about 8pm. Their time is 1 hour ahead of Orlando, since they are furthur east than us. I didn't realize until this trip that even Panama is further east than I thought and is in the same time zone as Orlando too. I used to think they were more in line with California, but if you look at a map, central america goes farther east the more south you travel.I exchanged some money at the airport. I didn't realize until later that they changed me about R$ 10. I wish I knew that,...
Brasil: Sao Paulo Bus Tour, Lingerie Party and Clubbing
Jun 29, 2006
We were finally able to get a hold of Fe and Kevin in the morning. It turns out they were robbed in their car while waiting at a red light yesterday. Their cell phone, plus other belongings were stolen from them and is why we couldn't get through to them. Our plan was to meet them after lunch for the tour. So we walked a few blocks to a mall and had some lunch there. We ate in the food court at this place that sold steaks and chicken meals. It probably took us about 15 mins to order because...
Brasil: Wedding Night, Reception, Carnival Dancers and Samba Band
Jun 30, 2006
Brasil: Rio De Janeiro, Copa Cabana Beaches, Rio Backpackers, World Cup against France and Coconuts
Jul 1, 2006
After a couple hours of sleep, we headed to the local Sao Paulo airport and took our flight to Rio. We got a taxi through the airport and the drive spoke english and was telling us about some of the sites and how copacabana is a man made beach.The hostel we stayed at is called Rio Backpackers. It was at the top of a hill on a cobblestone street. When we got in a young man working there didn't seem to be expecting us. He didn't speak english, but was able to get us into our room anyway. Having only...
Brasil: Rio de Janeiro, Favela Tour
Jul 2, 2006
Brasil: Rio de Janeiro, CariocaTour
Jul 3, 2006
Brasil: Rio de Janeiro, Pao De Acucar
Jul 3, 2006
Brasil: Salvador, Pelhorino Street Party, Nega Hostel
Jul 4, 2006
Brasil: Salvador, Nega Meluca Hostel, AfroBrasilian Museum
Jul 5, 2006
Brasil: Salvador, Colonial Town
Jul 6, 2006
Brasil: Foz De Iguassu
Jul 7, 2006
Brasil: Foz De Iguassu, Argentina
Jul 8, 2006